“Everything I do for the Lord. I strive to do it in a spirit of excellence no matter what—from welcoming people into the sanctuary as a gate keeper to praying for spiritual and mental healing in someone’s life,” said Pastor Harris. “I will take that work ethic with me and keep it over my life everyday as a pastor. I plan to lead by example so that people can see the sermon in my actions. I want them to know that I will walk what I preach in the pulpit.”

Pastor Harris and his wife of 21 years, LaTonya, have two sons, Vincent Jr., and Jayden. The family lives in Covington and runs a business in the area as well. Harris is owner of Vehtech, Inc., which he started in 2000. The company has two locations, one in Covington and one in Conyers, and it serves corporate, government and some residential clients.

“I am looking forward to continuing the mission of saving and restoring people’s lives,” said Pastor Harris. “It is truly an honor to be chosen by God to pastor.”

Pastor Harris, 51, grew up in Brighton, Alabama. He spent his teen years in the U.S. Air Force, serving for nearly five years in the Information Technology Division. He eventually moved to Atlanta to work and during that time, his spiritual walk with God took him to different churches where he held several volunteer positions from gatekeeper to prayer warrior, among others.

“Those positions in the church prepared me for this moment. They taught me the importance of servitude,” said Harris. “As a pastor, of course, leadership is a great quality, but service is the essential quality a pastor should be great at. You have to have a passion to serve God’s people.”

“When you come to worship with us in Newton, you can expect a dynamic service, led by worship in the word and a sermon that will help you grow both spiritually and mentally,” said Harris


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